EPA Certified HVAC Contractors In Somerset County, New Jersey

In response to the increasing awareness of the effect of heating and cooling our homes and offices, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created Section 608 certification requirements for HVAC contractors. While not all HVAC technicians are mandated to be EPA certified technicians, Sunrise Cooling and Heating has jumped on board and demonstrated our commitment to quality HVAC services that cause minimal harm to the environment by requiring that all Sunrise contractors receive EPA Universal Certification before going out on their first call.

What Is Section 608 EPA Certification

In order to receive section 608 certification from the Environmental Protection Agency, technicians must take and pass one of four EPA approved exams. Contractors looking for EPA certification choose an exam based on the level of certification they are seeking. Level one certification relates to small appliances. Level two certification relates to high-pressure appliances, and level three certification relates to low-pressure appliances. The fourth level is called Universal Certification and covers all three levels in one comprehensive exam. This is the highest level of certification available, and all EPA Certified Technicians at Sunrise Cooling and Heating are required to achieve universal certification status. Topics covered in the universal certification exam include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Appliance recovery regulations and protocols
  • Safety regulations and protocols
  • A basic understanding of Ozone Depletion and the Clean Air Act
  • Leak detection and repair regulations and protocols
  • Refrigeration safety, recovery and repair protocols and regulations
  • Evacuation requirements

Contractors looking to get started on becoming an EPA certified technician can visit the EPA website for more information. To learn more about the certification status of your HVAC contractor, or to better understand the value of an EPA certified technician, call Sunrise Cooling and Heating to speak with a contractor today.

Finding An EPA Universal Certified HVAC Contractor In Somerset County

The awareness of our effect on our environment, and the willingness to change the way we conduct our lives has been one of the hallmarks of the last decade. More and more Americans have dedicated themselves to creating innovative technologies that allow us to meet our daily needs without causing further damage to the environment. What many fail to realize is that by making our appliances and heating and cooling systems more environmentally friendly, we are also making them safer for us. Therefore, the value of an EPA certified technician is twofold. You will rest easy knowing you are doing your part towards keeping our earth green while also living and working under a safer HVAC system. To find out more about our EPA certified technicians, call Sunrise Cooling and Heating at 908-218-1330.