Commercial HVAC Services From Somerset County’s Leading Heating and Cooling Company

Servicing everything from giant factories to elementary schools, Sunrise Cooling and Heating has spent the last three decades earning our reputation as Central New Jersey’s leader in Commercial HVAC services. In all projects, large and small, our focus is on providing innovative, comprehensive and reliable HVAC design, installation, repair and maintenance services to corporations across the county. We understand that the first step in developing a foolproof heating and cooling system is a thorough assessment of your business’s unique needs. Therefore, our team moves beyond a “one size fits all” approach and designs customizable plans for every customer – at a price that is unmatched by our competitors.

Comprehensive Heating Solutions For Somerset Corporations

Whether your current heating system needs upgrades, repairs or a complete replacement, Sunrise Cooling and Heating’s commercial HVAC technicians are prepared for the job. Our team provides the following services to businesses across the county.

  • Installation and cleaning of boilers and furnaces of any type
  • Repair and service of rooftop heating units
  • Water and steam boiler installation and repair
  • Furnace installation, repair and servicing
  • Forced air service and maintenance
  • Preventative and ongoing service plans to keep your system protected year round

The above listed services are the most commonly performed, but do not comprise the entirety of our service menu. If your business needs a heating solution not listed above, call our customer service department today to speak with one our technicians and get started on devising a plan.

Comprehensive Cooling Solutions For Central New Jersey Businesses

Properly cooling a large commercial property takes expertly designed systems, top tier products and flawless installation and maintenance by trained professionals. The Sunrise Cooling and Heating team of commercial HVAC contractors have years of experience, months of training and an uncanny ability to develop innovative strategies to meet your cooling needs in an effective yet cost efficient manner. Our cooling services include the following.

  • Installation, repair and servicing of air conditioning and cooling units
  • Condenser, chiller and cooling tower installation, repair and maintenance
  • Preventative and ongoing maintenance services to ensure foolproof efficiency all year round

As mentioned in the heating section, this is not a comprehensive list, and our team is dedicated to creating strategies based on your needs. Call us today if you do not see what you are looking for on the above list.

Contacting a Commercial HVAC Company Today

Commercial HVAC services require experience, skill and an aptitude for creative problem solving. Sunrise Cooling and Heating technicians are committed to bringing each of the corporations we service a level of innovation and expertise they can’t find elsewhere. We go above and beyond every time we receive a call. To learn more about our services, contact our customer service department at 908-218-1330 today.